Wow! It took me more than one month to update. I can say that I had been busy or I had been dealing with too many things but the truth is I promised that I won’t be posting anything until after I know what will be the gameplan this semester a.k.a if I am still in UST or not. Let this not be one of those insensitive posts about selfish rants. I am completely aware that what happened or what is happening to me now is nothing compare to the devastation that Visayas had encountered. My heart goes out to everyone there. The relief operations there had become more controversial than necessary. This is not the right time to blame anyone, this is the right time to stand up and help. Look beyond the differences in party politics or economic interest and help. In my small way, I will be helping and donating. 

Establishing that, I want to share another kind of relief. A sigh of relief. Ever since the finals ended, I had been agonizing on how hard the finals week had been. For the first time, we took the final exams at the Central Seminary because the Main Building was already used for an event.



my study week can be summarized into this picture

Finally, after a series of postponement, I already learned yesterday that I may still enroll at the Faculty and yes I may enroll Tax2. I have been praying for that so hard. The relief was momentarily though. My heart broke when I learned that another AAloves has to transfer school. You know, he is one of the most kindhearted person I know. He has been our ‘kuya’ for more than two years. It felt like sending your sibling abroad. 

Yes, we are confronted with a lot of things, we don’t even know what is more important. I made two realizations though. First, keep your faith because God send miracles right before our eyes. Second, live your life the way you would live it five years from now. Relief and peace of mind are two things almost unthinkable during rough times. Eventually, everything will be worth it. 


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