The Good Ones

The best things in life came when you least expect it. The downside of this setting of the universe is that a person barely enjoys the best things while it is happening because you will only know that you had the best things when you look back. There are so many instances when I wish I savored the moment more, that I stayed in a certain place longer or that I cried a little bit louder. These moments were gone, forever, and they are only memories and what ifs now. 

I had a series of good news, news which are better than expected. And it took me days before I realized that, yeah, those were some of the good ones. First, I received my grades the previous semester- no failing grade, more than the required average. Thank you, Lord! I prayed so hard so that I’ll have it. I cried out of happiness. It was short lived happiness though because I had to deal with 3rd year, Second Semester. This will be a tougher fight but hopefully it will be worth it. 

I also get to spend time with my friends. It was Tefone’s birthday. The original plan was to meet up for coffee and that’s it. The coffee turned into beer, sandwich to sisig, and cafe music to videoke bonding. I could upload pictures but I’d rather not. The pictures would only reveal how sabaw I was that night. It is always nice to be with familiar people, familiar as in familiar. I couldn’t wait to see them again. 



This was taken last 19 October, BK’s birthday, and it is super fail that I only got to upload this now and under the text of Atefone’s birthday. *no logic at all* Anyway, I just want to show how I was reconnected with Cy. I was happy, he was not. He was happy, I was not. Finally, we were on the same page. We both moved on. And no, nothing beyond platonic between us. He is just one of those guys who made me one of the guys and these guys would be ready to move mountains just so I won’t be hurt again by a guy. 



Speaking  of the guys, here they are!! I would say complete but Eman is not around so it would not even come close to complete. Thank you guys for being the best wingmen in the universe!!! 

Plus I will get to see you for four days weekly. And you don’t have to do anything, you just have to be there. You don’t even have to talk to me or high five, you alone makes me smile. And it makes me smile more that I didn’t get to share this with anyone around. It means it is true. 🙂 

I have been through bad times, more bad times actually, but I chose to cling on the good ones. They are the ones which actually matters. 


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