Make Cielo Happy Year!

I wanted to do a recap of 2013, or better yet the last activities I had when 2013 was about to end, like I always do but there is something in me that needs to break this tradition. Should I call it change of perspective? I don’t know. What I do know is that the past year(s) is (are) just memories and there is no need to hold on to it. Pick up the memories that you need, so maybe you can smile while remembering, but not be a reminder of a burden. The year 2013 was not an easy year. I survived terror professors and monster boss. I disconnected and reconnected with friends. Family had financial down and emotional ups. And still no boyfriend to keep me company. Hehe. It was quite a year and before it even ended, I already said my goodbyes. 


so what’s a holiday season without my traditional ‘by the christmas tree’ picture? definitely one of the memories that will stay with me. 

I choose to welcome 2014 with a tight hug instead! I would like to share my plans and goals for this year. Generally, I would like to call this year as “make cielo happy” year. Too self-centered? Well, I know right. Kidding. For the past years, I made plans for other people, mostly family, that I end up hating myself for being so drained and self-assured that I am the better person in the situation. For this year, I would try to make myself happy while making others happy too. I learned that I need not sacrifice my own happiness just to please anyone. Maybe I can enjoy a few more travel or surfing at the beach. Maybe I can finally buy that new cellphone I have been eyeing on for sometime. Maybe I can buy few more law books for my studies. Maybe I can turn on the light when I still need it turned on. Maybe I can weigh any pounds I want. Maybe I should stop saying maybe because I can. These are the things that I always put on sideline because I think that I need to put others’ needs first. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I can share the happiness with and of the people who matters most in my life including myself. 

Here’s to 2014! I do not know what lies ahead, whatever it is, I will make sure that this will be a make cielo happy year. Have an awesome new year, netizens!:) 


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