Barely A Week

How many times will I rant about exams week? Well, maybe, I will continue ranting until I get that LLB  A-t-t-y right before my name. And since I have been a working student since my first year in law school, I managed to give myself a little more credit to think that I am a better person every after exam week. 


This is my seventh prelims week. Imagine that? And how is this prelims week different from the rest? First things first, I had never worried about my tuition fee as much as I am worrying about it now. During my first year, I had savings to pay for my tuition so at the start of each semester, I already pay my tuition fee in full. Second year, I had these side lines from where I earned extra income. But now, I am just too broke for my standards. My brother is graduating this March and will have to take the ECE board exam and will be an engineer this year eventually (yes, I am claiming it!) so it means gastos for us. The first cycle of expense already kicked in when he had to pay reservation for review sessions. I don’t even know how I shall borrow money from Nanay. But how will I pay my tuition? Right now, I really have no idea and I only have 4days or else I will need to be on a promissory note.

To add more pressure to the already chaotic situation, our office will be having a major out of town, live in workshop on the same week. Guess who is overall in charge for this workshop? Yes, you got it right, I am in charge. Yes, I told my boss about this. No, he didn’t put somebody else on the job. Yes, this is too draining I want to faint just thinking about it. No, my boss thinks I am bluffing and told me I can do it. Yes, I like the trust that my boss gives me. No, I will be prioritizing only one and that will be my exams. So yes, I will be there physically. But no, I can’t give it my all. Maybe a superb after activity report will do the trick after. 

For what it is worth, I am in third year. I have two five-units subjects, Corpo and Civpro. I have Tax2, IPL and Socleg. In short, I have reasons to be completely in the zone. I can’t afford any taking chances. I have come this far, no turning back now. 


On my own, this task would be too troubling. With God, all the trouble would not be too troubling at all. I’ll do the best on my part to prepare and study and prepare and work. If I can’t do this, I would not have been given this. For now, I ask the Lord to please give me the unending grace He always showers me. In those aspects where I will not be enough, He will be there to fill in. At the end of the day, miracles will unfold right before my eyes. Tiwala lang. 

I have barely a week to prepare. I will make the most out of it. 🙂 


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