Valentine’s Date?

I have been reading about some Vday date suggestion all over the social networking sites, ranging from the coolest to the priciest to the most most affordable. I had never been in any of these well planned dates, even during those times when I was in a relationship. But I want to share something to those who are planning a nice date for their partners: sometimes the best date is not a date at all.

We were having dinner with friends and you had this terrible mood because of only you know why. I told you not to walk me home but you still did with all unnecessary comments on the side. The next day, you said sorry,how annoying I was the other night while strolling the lighted walkway from Dapitan to Espana. Your explanation story of what happened the other night made me laugh hilariously. We went out with your friends and had more crazy good laugh.

It was not a date. We weren’t even a couple. But that whole walk plus the drinking plus the craziness, they were all awesome. I would not trade that night for any fancy hotel dinner or looking at the stars while on the beach. Of course, somewhere within me, I also have this fairy tale dream of being swept off my feet by my Prince Charming. But you know what I want more? A reality ever after.

Here is an advice to you guys and girls, let us be the realistic Prince Charming or Disney Princess for our partner. Do not expect them to bring you in castles or give you crowns. They would not even have a valentine’s day bonus from their office, probably. The dates maybe ordinary, but it is your feelings for each other which will make things special. Make a card, bake a cake, cook dinner, design a cute couple shirt, flappy bird date or even study date (one kiss for every law provision you memorize!yiheeee!!), these things would be more fun because you two are being who you really are. 

And enjoy the fact that you are with someone, I’m actually having a study date with my law books, Stefan Salvatore and have I mentioned myself? 


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