Contingency Plans

There are so many failed attempts to update this blog since I finished my midterms. Sure, there is that one post regarding valentines, but none on how life has been for me since the year kicked in. Funny, it took me almost three months and one full circle of emotions before I finally get myself to write this. I can write about my struggle during the midterms week and some of the results which I am yet to know until now. I can also tell you the story of my miserable self because random times I feel alone in a sea of people which I often attribute to my being single. I can tell you too my stories of inspiration by meeting some of the best minds both in my work and in law. But I won’t. None of these things seem to matter because of my fear of what lies ahead for me. I have not enjoyed the ride because I was too overwhelmed of what could be. I ended up, again, making contingency plans- many of them. Until yesterday before corpo class. 

Cielo: Dati kasi ang worst case scenario ko lang eh lumipat ng school, ngayon hinda na. 

Jeff: Bakit kamusta ba exams mo?

Cieo: okay naman, pasado.

Jeff: Di mo kailangan ng contingency plan. Di ka babagsak. 

I never thought of myself in that light. I don’t have the confidence that I may not be needing any contingency plan because I can do it. The miracles God showered me with and the plan he laid for me is seamless, and yet I always doubt what I can do. Worrying would just take the moments that I should be thankful for. So from now on, I will just enjoy the ride. The bumps along the way will be resolved as they come. I just have to be prepared. 



Good things are going to happen and I won’t let myself be stranded just because I was worrying too much. Contingency plans are good. Giving yourself the proper credit is better. Right?


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