25, it is.

One week ago, I turned 25 and the quarter life crisis became official. Or not. For this year, I tried to be realistic with how things are going to turn out. I did not wished for a bouquet of flowers like I did for my debut. I was so sure I would not have the latest iphone. And, I was certain that no Franco gig tickets for this year. When I stepped out of my imagination and dreamland, I saw that the reality I have been ignoring all is actually good. 

After replying to Erika’s very early birthday greeting on my birthday eve, I went to sleep already. I was having a foul mood due to the cramps my monthly period gave me. By 12midnight, I received two text messages, one from my Nanay and another from Anne. My Nanay said that I am her first baby and  I made her proud and happy when she first saw me. These are the words that I have been wanting to hear all this time. Anne was more candid in her greeting this year. Though she made an effort to collage pictures of us and post it in facebook, I appreciate the kind words she told me through text. Anne will always be the little sister I don’t have. So there, I cried on the first hour of my birthday because of their message. Happy tears. 

I woke up 5am-ish for my early morning jog. I wanted to make that day special so I decided to run double the distance of my usual route within the same time I usually give for jogging. I cleared my mind of negativities. I never thought that running could be so stress relieving at times. Or maybe it was just my birthday. Then I went back to my dorm and found these




birthday banner and cake from my roomies

Thank you for your effort room mates! Even if we did not get to talk that much during the day, thank you so much! And here comes the birthday messages via text, facebook and twitter. Thank you to everyone who carefully crafted their personalized messages for me. I love anecdotes of how I and *insert name here* became close or how we we were or how we are to each other. Thank you also to the people who phoned me. Though it was awkward to tell you guys that “no, I would not be able to invite you because I will be with the family.” 

I went to the office to prepare for a meeting my boss just thought of conducting the day before. I was smiling. I bought ice cream for the whole office and went out early to meet my fambam. It is sad that I forgot to take a picture of us. We ate all we can at Cabalen in Trinoma. And they gave me these gifts! 



poor BB camera resolutions. Awww. But I really, really like this comfy shirt and red shoes from Tomato. Thank you fambam!! Love you to bits. 

The next day, I celebrated with the Happeners. The Happeners a.k.a my Revilla cousins and uncles and aunties enjoyed the videoke and the street style celebration I prepared for them. We had so many celebrations for May and the whole gang is still tasting the “-Dos” of the fiesta so I decided that it would be better to just prepared ihaw-ihaw, fishballs and chips. And indeed, we had so much fun. 



my Nanay’s pancit malabon is the best-est!!! 


Thank you Ninang for this Berties’ special yema meringue cake!! :)))))



Blowing out a candle on another birthday cake


I did not bother to put on any ‘picture worthy’ outfit for that night. My white shirt and shorts fit the theme already. Plus, it is really more hot in the Philippines. 

Thank you Lord for the 25 roller coaster years! For the coming years ahead, let your will be done. Thank you for the unending grace you showered me. I had a fun birthday. Nothing grand and extravagant, just pure love. And hopefully, all my wishes would come true. 





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