No More Turning Back

I decided to change the theme of my tumblr page today. I hated that word- change. It seems to me that there is nothing worst investing on since everything will eventually change. Change could be for the better or for the worse but still it would not be the same. 

My tumblr profile was called “the supergirl wannabe!” Obviously, I made that account when I was lost for words on how I should be describing myself. I was 19 then and everything seems ideal for me. It was also the basis why I named this blog as “the superwoman”, I thought that the girl finally transformed into a woman, both nevertheless are super. Then I started associating  “superman” with a person whom I fell in love with. At first, I was convinced that it would be the best word to describe how he made me feel and how he was in my life. Then everything just fell apart. I was broken. I moved on. And everything that fell apart actually fell into place. 

“Why should I stick with that tainted name I gave myself?”  

My previous tumblr header shows a picture of me, with the beach of Calaguas as background, in a hat and shades with a small line below saying the supergirl wannabe! It is so last year. It is so me, trying to please you. It is so me minus the real me. I searched into different albums to find a picture that will replace my blog header in tumblr. At last, I found one which screams of different levels of contradictions. There is no better way to describe myself now than that, contradictions. So I cropped it, edited it to make it black and white and finally put a new tag line on it. Here it is: 

10403205_101521958392378413_6126917269633221397_n (1)


No more turning back. 🙂


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