I Can’t Breathe

Let’s lay down the scenario for this attempt of a movie review: First, I did not read the book from where the movie was based; Second, I had asked about the movie from those who already seen it; Lastly, it is KathNiel and that should supposedly means that it is too overrated to be good. 

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the movie, do not go beyond this point!

There were two couples and three love stories and this film directed by Cathy Garcia Molina. The love stories were unfolding simultaneously in the movie yet the audience would know what scenes are the flashback and what is present time. There is no need to the year on when the back story happened, the weird gangster look of Daniel Padilla would tell the difference. Daniel Padilla was a revelation for me here.  Even if nesekenye ne eng lehet, I was not a fan. But I love Kathryn Bernado. Maybe she reminds me that you do not need to be mestiza to be beautiful. And that is exactly how Athena and Kelay, her two characters, made the audience believe that beautiful need not conform to the standards of what beautiful is. 

Athena and Kenji


They are the cutest couple I have ever seen and they are also the most jologs. I mean, how could you wear the same glasses and the same shirt? Couple everything much? Their story started with a contract that Athena should help Kenji make his ex-girlfriend jealous. In their attempt to make the ex jealous, they made all these over acting couple stuff. Athena, for one, cheered for Kenji in a basketball game shouting “go sexy, go sexy, go sexy sexy love!!” 

Unknown to Kenji, Athena was suffering from a chronic heart disease. That she should not be exposed to any kind of intense emotion. So when she felt that she was falling for Kenji already, she wanted to back out of their deal. Luckily, Kenji was feeling the same. He told her that they should stop pretending and they should make it real. Kenji promised not to cut his hair until his ex girlfriend comes back to him but he did cut his hair. And I think that was one of the highlight of their love story. 

Almost a perfect love story, if not for a an event that happened to the ex which you guys should found out. Because of that event, Athena left. No happy ending. 

Kelay and Kenneth



Kenneth was in search for his father who was one of the passengers of a plane that crashed. While in the airline office, he heard Kelay telling the media that she is a daughter of Kenneth’s father. So upon clarification, Kelay told Kenneth that she is not a daughter of his father but she is looking for him for her Tita. She told Kenneth that her aunt, Athena Dizon, is the great love of his father, Kenji. 

On their way to Bicol where the passengers were supposedly brought, Kelay told Kenneth of Kenji and Athena’s story. Unknowingly, they are likewise falling for each other. 

Old Kenji and Athena



I love how their story was a happy ending without actually being together. Athena dies when she saw Kenji again. And I will leave it at that. 🙂 

So why then the title I chose? 

Kenji had this line when Athena told him that she loves him.

“I can’t breathe. Kapag sinabi kong I can’t breathe, it means I love you too.”

And the irony? The old Athena literally can’t breathe when she saw the old Kenji. Subtle way of saying how much she loved him even if he already has a life of his own. 

Overall, it was a good movie. It gives the kilig it promised and so much more. And just for now, I may have joined the bandwagon of Kathniel fans. And one thing that the movie will give you is this, when you love,  you risk it all. Yes there are no cutie-patootie-gangster who will threatened to jump off the school building if you would not say yes, but there are real I CAN’T BREATHE  moments. And no matter how long it will last, it will always be worth it. 


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