Hey 2016!

I do not have words or picture to capture what I went through last 2015. I am still figuring things out. It do not sound like me. And its okay.

You know, I am the kind of person who dwells too much on the past. The memories of some ten years ago are still fresh on my mind. The tea I had on my first out of town, the dress I wore on my favorite date, the books I read for each of my subject- all of them, my mind has a mental list of them all. Surprisingly, that person is not the same person writing down this piece of non-sense.

Maybe, I learned how to grow up instead to dwell on. Just maybe, I still have those memories but I am more focused on my plans. But surely, this is how I would like to start 2016. Friends, readers, whoever you are, please include me in your prayers. I need all the strength I could have to survive this year. And if by some magic I could have someone by my side to share it with me, who am I not to welcome it? 🙂

So hey there 2016, bring it on!


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