To My Go-To-Person


Exactly one week today since we talked about pretty much everything that worries me. None of those things is about you. Seriously, I have not worried about our friendship. I always thought that it is one of the best things I found in my five years of battle in that jungle. 

I can’t remember when we became friends. I know for a fact that you were just one of those classmates I would barely talk to. Then, for some unknown reason, we had friendly talks, long viber conversations, rough banters, and real life stories. Is it just me? But I really, really, really thought we are friends.

I would not list down the things which made me think we are friends, the list could go on and on. But none of those things would matter if they mean nothing to you.

Why am I writing this blog about you? Maybe because I hate the you so much right now for making me feel like shit. C’mon, you don’t make your friends feel like this. Maybe because I thought you will be there until this war is really over, until the waiting game is over. Maybe because I developed this attachment with you, you were there for every petty problem I had for the past year (Gaaaaah!! you were the first one to tell me civ1 grades were out). Maybe because this is Kv2.0 minus the fact that I loved him and I can’t believe that I am in this situation again.

Maybe I just miss you. I miss my friend. I miss that person who listens to my non-sense. I miss our weird late night messages. I miss how I hate you for reminding me of the realities of what I just went through. Or maybe, I just miss you.

No expectations here. This is clearly platonic. Sorry if you got fed up with all my hang ups. You never planned to be my go to person, but I made you one. And for that I will forever be thankful. But no need to be my anything now, I just need that one message that all is good with you my friend. Then I would not need to blog anything about you.

We were just two of those people who were classmates. nothing more and nothing less.




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