2016, done!

2016 was a year of checklist for me. Every month I tried to check one item in the list not realizing that the list just kept on getting longer. Funny, checking an item in a list always made me feel good, like a security blanket of sort. This time though, everything was different. It felt like I jumped into a pit hole, I was choking and grasping for air and before I knew it I was on the other end already. I got scars and bruises but hey I’m alive.

January: I got the sweetest 75 in my entire law school life. Dean A!!!

February: Turned down an out of the country office training, again.Setting priorities.

March: Last prelim exams in law school. Don’t know how I survived it with work and all.

April: Different kind of crazy. I was a bit hopeful.

May: Revalidone. Completed law school. Dean A and Dean D on my last two semesters. Wow!

June:  Graduation day!Last month in the office. Crazier.

July-October: Will need a separate post. 🙂

November: The big B! An entirely new post, sa tamang panahon. 

December: Decided to sign up again in the office.

I am heading on to the new year with a hopeful heart. 2017 will be a year of faith, my faith. That the all knowing God will be blessing me with my heart’s desire, of something beyond my imagining. 2016 is done, true, but it opened a lot of new beginnings for me.

Hey 2017, bring it on!


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