For a long time, I am convinced that I will never fall in love again. I know that it doesn’t seem like it in my posts. I am always hopeful for a new beginning. But I know the difference between hoping and reality. I throw myself in a pit, a pit that I created. How I always believe that you only get one “one” and even if the “one” for that person is not you, still there is no chance of finding another one.

Most of my posts here talked about my struggles on how to move on from a certain person, a person that was never mine to start with. And yet, I gave the best love I am possible of giving to that person. It took me one year to accept it will never be, two years that there can never be and three years to let go of what could have been. But until now, that almost thingy we had was the deepest scar in my love battles.

“You would never give that same kind of love again. Never.” I commanded myself.

Sure, I would have crush on someone every now and then, but to actually fall for someone again? I guess not. I am in a pit. And since there is only one “one”, no one could save me from this pit. I am okay with this situation. I was okay with being alone. I was okay. Until one morning, I just realized that I do not need anyone dragging me out of the pit. I could easily climb my way out. So here I am, saying “Hi!” from outside the pit.

Maybe there are multiple ones. Maybe there is no such thing as same love. Maybe I can fall in love again. Maybe not. One thing is for sure though, I am ready to face the maybe. And that one who made me jump off the pit, he is just one of the ones, he was never “the one.”


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