My life is literally on halt since end of November. I went back to my old job, reconnected with old friends and stayed in touch with few people. Life for me is about taking leaps of faith, facing consequences of your decisions good or bad, and actually living the way you wanted it.

Yes, my entire life is not one for the books. It is not one would dream about. It is not dramatic enough for a telenovela nor it is adventurous enough to be wanted by millenials. But it has always been under my control. Of course, only those which can be humanly controlled. But the past months, I have not been making any decision. It is so bad I can’t even have a haircut (oh my!! On my first year in law school I have been cutting my hair like twice a week just because).

The people closest to my heart knows the reason why. I have been waiting for a life changing news for months now. And the agony of waiting is killing me to the bones. And I have never wanted to control something this bad in my entire existence.

Waiting has never been my strong point. Right now, I am getting wallowed up by all these things. But my faith in God and His grace is getting me through each day, each minute really.


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