Maybe Not

For the nth time, I could never emphasize in this page how much summer is my favorite season of the year. And this year, I had a different experience of how my summer unfolded. I went on my first business trip to Australia!! I cannot and would not talk about the work I did there […]

Yes to awesome 2018!

I have been trying to write a “new year” entry every year. As a sort of tradition, let me first look back at how 2017 unfolded for me. January – Went back to the office with a hopeful heart. February – April – Long agony of waiting, which should trace back to Nov 2016 really. […]


This year, I received two things I could only wish for in the past months. Not to the point of being ungrateful or greedy or whatever, but for the past two months or so there has been a resounding sadness in my life. And for the past months, I can’t figure out the reason for […]

Goal: Indifference

Believe me, there was a million attempt not to write this entry. Writing this means that I was defeated by how I felt for you… again. There are many reasons why I do not want to entertain the thoughts of you again. For one, I am completely sure that I am over you, I am […]

1/3 of Entirely New Post: July-October 2016

In my “2016, done!” post, I made mention of three milestones in 2016 that needs an entirely new post. I made countless attempts to write them but I failed. Everything is still overwhelming. Hopefully, this post makes some sense despite the flood of emotions I am feeling while writing this. July-October 2016: Pre-bar Review season. […]