This year, I received two things I could only wish for in the past months. Not to the point of being ungrateful or greedy or whatever, but for the past two months or so there has been a resounding sadness in my life. And for the past months, I can’t figure out the reason for […]

Goal: Indifference

Believe me, there was a million attempt not to write this entry. Writing this means that I was defeated by how I felt for you… again. There are many reasons why I do not want to entertain the thoughts of you again. For one, I am completely sure that I am over you, I am […]

1/3 of Entirely New Post: July-October 2016

In my “2016, done!” post, I made mention of three milestones in 2016 that needs an entirely new post. I made countless attempts to write them but I failed. Everything is still overwhelming. Hopefully, this post makes some sense despite the flood of emotions I am feeling while writing this. July-October 2016: Pre-bar Review season. […]

Dear God, I don’t know what lies ahead of me in the coming days really. I am hopeful. I am grateful. I am in awe of how beautiful things unfold right before my eyes. I am the least deserving person in the universe. I know. My hardship and the other struggles I went through and […]


My life is literally on halt since end of November. I went back to my old job, reconnected with old friends and stayed in touch with few people. Life for me is about taking leaps of faith, facing consequences of your decisions good or bad, and actually living the way you wanted it. Yes, my […]

For a long time, I am convinced that I will never fall in love again. I know that it doesn’t seem like it in my posts. I am always hopeful for a new beginning. But I know the difference between hoping and reality. I throw myself in a pit, a pit that I created. How […]